Sport diving

Is scuba diving for me?

Booking a try dive is the best way to find out. We run try dives at Hough End pool in Chorlton every Friday from 8-9pm. Read on to find out more.

What do I need to do?

Contact us to arrange a date. We'll ask you to come to the club building on Barlow Moor Road by 7:40 on the evening of your dive. You'll meet your instructor, collect some appropriately fitted diving equipment and head to the pool from there. Your instructor will typically help you to get comfortable breathing underwater, get you started on controlling yourself and your equipment in the water, and then push you further if you're comfortable.

That might be starting on more advanced buoyancy techniques, doing equipment drills like mask clearances. Or it might be lying on your back in the deep end blowing bubble rings. Depends which instructor you get...

What Equipment do I need?

Bring normal swimming gear and a towel, and a T-shirt which you don't mind getting wet. We'll provide the rest. You will also find it useful to bring a £1 coin for the lockers at Hough End. We used to tell people to bring £10 for the try dive and some spare cash for a pint after your dive, but we have a card machine now.

How much does it cost?

£10 a session. This will be deducted from your membership fees if you decide to join the club.


We don't normally train people under the age of 16, so we don't often offer try dives to under 15s. We're flexible about this though. Please get in touch and ask us if you're not sure.

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